How To Put Out!

    I struggle big time with fully putting myself out there.   “Putting out” to me means walking through life with my true self at the helm. (And not the sexual innuendo, although I’llContinue reading

Surviving Public Humiliation

Your 20s are humiliating in and of themselves. You’re barely recovering from cystic acne, your parents are still deeply immersed in all of your private affairs, and you’re teetering on that fine line between adulthoodContinue reading

Making Resolutions is Cool

    Without knowing what we want our lives to look like, we may never see our dreams come true, or our lives change in the ways we pine for. Scary!   So what now?Continue reading


Have you ever felt trapped by your self? By the bars you’ve grown accustomed to living behind for ages? By the limitations of your self that you’ve come to know so well, embrace as yourContinue reading

How To Make A Wise Decision

    I’m gonna get a little personal. See, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been the kind of girl who just ‘went with it.’   I go with the flow! I’m open-minded!Continue reading

10 Realizations That Changed My Life

  Your 20s are hard. You’re a half-human, fumbling your way towards the promise of maturity and wisdom, tracking sh*t through the house because the piles are everywhere, unavoidable.   But with every mess I’ve made,Continue reading

5 Steps To Uncovering Your Purpose

  Your 20s force you to picking your “focus” for life, which is insane! You’ve hardly picked a sexual orientation let alone a vocation to do forever. As someone who struggled with her own path, I’ve managed toContinue reading

How to Conquer your Flight-Mares

    I can’t intellectualize turbulence. As much as I try to meditate on “let it go, you have no control, the pilot knows what he’s doing…unless he’s Denzel, but he’s not — you sawContinue reading

Top 13 Things I Learned at Camp

    A large part of your 20s is reminiscing about the younger years.  I recently caught up with some camp friends, and if you’ve ever gone to sleepaway camp, you understand the importance of those formativeContinue reading

4 Obscure Pet Peeves

  As I mature into my late-20s, I find more and more of my obscure pet peeves coming to the uneven surface. What was once acceptable flirtatious behavior has suddenly become eye-gougingly annoying.   AndContinue reading


  WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! A big coffee-cracked out congratulations to ERIN DAVIS for her insanely well-thought out and professionally executed coffee photo-collage. Erin deserves $200 in free coffee just to compensate for her time, effort, and supplies. (YouContinue reading

FREE COFFEE (Photo Contest)

  It’s our first ever SILIMT CONTEST!!!!   Mainly because we’re broke, and can’t afford to give stuff away.   But luckily the generous and swanky AHARON COFFEE & ROASTING CO. has not only beenContinue reading

How To Test Run Being A Lesbian

    In your 20s, one of the few things more elusive than your G-spot is your whereabouts on the sliding scale of human sexuality.   What tends to happen is sometime during your teenageContinue reading

Four Steps to Overturn Jealousy

    It’s no surprise that girls don’t ALWAYS love their fellow female. Especially in their jealousy-prime— their 20s.   Since your 20s are a real foundation-setting stage of life, overcoming jealousy is a real bitchContinue reading

How To Decrypt Lies Women Tell

  Every woman in her 20s has to learn to confidently deliver white lies. Don’t fight me on this. You’re still a good person.   As I navigate(d) the art of dating around, I hadContinue reading

How To Keep Monogamy From Monotony

  I’ve always admired the disgusting couples who look like they’ve been having fun since the day they met in middle school 20 years ago. You know who I’m talking about. Those two gushy lovebirdsContinue reading

How to Date in Your Age Range

  I hate it when someone answers my “wait, how old are you?” with  “guess!”   I’m not guessing. I know better than that.   Especially when my age-radar is faultier than my ‘99 Acura.Continue reading

Handling Hardship (via Israel)

As a rule of thumb — I’ve never found there to be ONE correct response to pain, loss, or anything for that matter.   When my hamster died in 4th grade, my instinct was laughter.Continue reading

How to Nail a Job Interview

Attempting to land a job is a bunch of crap. The whole process is wildly unreasonable and outdated.   An in-person interview with a stranger? Even Tinder allows you to see if you at leastContinue reading


Severing toxic ties with a soul-sucking friend is almost tougher than quitting eating late-night.   You know what I’m talking about.   It’s seemingly impossible to ditch that friend who talks non-stop about their personalContinue reading


It’s not that relationships ever get easy, but they’re definitely a nightmare in your 20s. You’re naked in a dark maze with slimy walls, groping for the realization that maybe one day you’ll get marriedContinue reading


My glorious 20s have thus far taught me that the best way to win, tax-free, in any predicament, is to blame it all on PMS. The rest is just commentary. If everyone knew how toContinue reading

More to come!

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