4 Obscure Pet Peeves


As I mature into my late-20s, I find more and more of my obscure pet peeves coming to the uneven surface. What was once acceptable flirtatious behavior has suddenly become eye-gougingly annoying.


And while I’ve learned to blame my bouts of outrage at toilet seats left up, socks strewn about, and hair all over the shower on PMS (outlined in my previous BLOG about the matter), or point fingers at the other person so as to detract from my utter and complete guilt and responsibility in the matter…there are still a few pet peeves that will live on into my 30s.



1. When people joke about the serious — “Should we, like, break up or something? Just kidding, just kidding.” SERIOUSLY?! How was that an acceptable joke? And if it was, it sucked. When so-called “comedians” joke about the serious, I am forced to believe it’s in fact the truth, and then I get even angrier at the lack of proper punch-line delivery. Bottom line— say it like you mean it, and if you mean it, don’t hide it behind a terrible punch-line. It’s unfair, cruel, and my first obscure pet peeve.


2. When people don’t say “goodbye” at the end of a conversation — Instead they just hang-up.

Exhibit A: OK I’ll call you later.

Me: Ok, sounds good. Excited to talk more about love and stuff.


Me: Bye?


Color me crazy, but that little added button known as a proper “goodbye” is a necessary culmination to a good solid conversation. Without it, I have zero closure. And with zero closure I experience rage, sadness, & depression, and my second obscure pet peeve.


3. When people judge you by your astrological sign — It’s ridiculous, because you don’t know my time of birth and therefore have no information about my moon and rising signs! How could you then properly understand the reason for my over-analysis of detail and bipolar tendencies without a full scope of my natal chart? Cut it out.


4.  When the mayor of the gym runs for president — That dude who knows everyone at the gym, starts a full-blown conversations in the middle of the fitness floor, and never works out but is always at the gym…he is my fourth and final peeve (for now). And what’s especially peevey is when he waves you over every time you’re trying to build your calves, introduces you to his posse, and then leaves you to entertain them like a trained monkey. Who are you Mr. 24-hour-fitness Mayor? And what do you do for a living? I’m sorry that I’m not sorry I ignore you and pretend I’m listening to Pandora while I stretch.


I had to limit my list to four, because it’s painfully easy to elaborate….but it’s just not the proper time to inject more judgement into the cosmos. It’s probably never a good time to do that. But I have a Virgo rising, and a Sagittarius moon, which is why I’m critical and sharp-tongued. Don’t get it twisted.