5 Steps To Uncovering Your Purpose


Your 20s force you to picking your “focus” for life, which is insane! You’ve hardly picked a sexual orientation let alone a vocation to do forever. As someone who struggled with her own path, I’ve managed to piece together the five steps towards uncovering your destiny. Amazing, right?


Call me a conspiracy theorist, but colleges would be out of money if they ever taught students the tid bits I’m about to share. So read carefully, and follow accordingly…


The 5 Steps (No One Wants to Tell You Except Me, Because I Care About You)

To Uncovering Your Life’s Purpose

  • Childhood Trends — Think back to what you gravitated to as a child, whether the arts, music, playing superheroes, cooking, or picking apart television sets and figuring out how they can be put back together like my 6 year old brother. If you can’t remember because your childhood was traumatic and a long time ago, then ask your family or the people who knew you well during your awkward formative years. Call them up, unannounced, and ask probing questions like “what was I like when I was a kid?” “what were some of my unique attributes?” “did you really cheat on Uncle Sal?”  These hints are the start to uncovering your mission on Earth.


  • Daydreams — What were some of your daydreams during 5th period AP History class? What do you remember dreaming of doing or becoming? A pilot? A lawyer? A big-time horse breeder? I don’t care what you declared you wanted to be when you grew up in Kindergarten for your final project, everyone put Firefighter. I want to know what you dreamed about in the privacy of your unlimited child-mind. I remember envisioning myself on a stage, Nordstrom-clad, during 10th grade French class when Mrs. Schwenk would review conjugating verbs. I would see myself performing in front of 100s of inspired faces, some moved to tears by my raw talent. Those free-flowing thoughts and dreams are another hint to uncovering what your soul’s kinda into.


  • Your Fears — What theoretically terrifies you or makes you nauseatingly uncomfortable? Is it rejection? Humiliation? Risk-taking?  For me it’s not being accepted, and not having control over the outcome — and as a performer there is more rejection than acceptance, and very little say over the outcome (which initially caused me to avoid its pursuit altogether). It’s way safer to not play the game than look like an asshole, right? Then I realized that hints #1 and #2 kept pointing out my deep love for creation, and even though my pesky fears kept me in the wings, I had a feeling that while stepping through my discomfort may leave me “rejected,” at least I’d get a taste of my dreams (…and see if I even liked the taste). You never know whether you like cashew cheese until you taste-test, and usually the very thing you need to try is the one or two things that you most fear or avoid. I’m not saying raw food is for everyone.


  • Free — What would you do if money wasn’t a worry? If paper currency never existed, and there was such a thing as a career fairy, and she was a tough-as-nails Israeli Mossad agent who could get you whatever you wanted — what would you wish for? Usually this thing you would do, explore, or try out if nothing was at stake is closer to your soul’s pastime than your rational mind’s blabbering about what’s “reasonable” or “right.” If you don’t know, think about what you currently find yourself doing over and over — are you always the class clown, the friendly therapist, the organizer of the group, the politician….what do you find your dynamic in a group or in your life to be? What are your unique and particular strengths? These tends to point in the direction of your soul’s purpose.


  • Happy — Picture yourself at 120, looking gooooood, skin tight, boobs upright, reflecting back on your long and successful life. What do you want to be proud of? Is it your tons of hours spent building some other person’s dream? Or is it being a part of a corporation, a team, a project, a creation that makes you and others proud? Think about what you will appreciate once this hustle-and-bustle of life’s unnecessary detail and worry has come to its end. You were born with hint #1 for a reason, to awaken some delight and joy towards an area. Then it kept coming back into play through hint #2, in daydreams, extracurriculars, your hobbies, things you gravitate towards. Then the natural test befalls you as hint #3 shows the opposing force giving you the much needed opportunity to earn that which you came here to undertake, testing your will. But of course hints #4 and #5 are the constant reminders, the little nudges back towards yourself so that you don’t forget when the fear gets deafeningly loud.


I hope this helps you create a list of some of the top things your soul’s digging. And I wish for you the gung-ho to try a bit of each — shall we say, a buffet for the soul? By trying, tasting, testing, you can  see if it’s even for you….or if something complementary to the taste is even more palatable. Take a small step — a class, a test-run and watch the Universe get things rolling down towards you that you may have otherwise never seen coming.


And you didn’t even have to pay $40,000 a year for that.