FREE COFFEE (Photo Contest)


It’s our first ever SILIMT CONTEST!!!!


Mainly because we’re broke, and can’t afford to give stuff away.


But luckily the generous and swanky AHARON COFFEE & ROASTING CO. has not only been an avid reader, because they know what’s good for them, but they’ve agreed to award ONE LUCKY READER a $20 gift card to their one-of-a-kind coffeeshop in the heart of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.


Before I outline the contest rules, I want to share three things I love about AHARON COFFEE:


  1. PERSONALITY — It is an Israeli born, and Sagittarius/Leo-bred operation that oozes personality and wisdom. Aharon, the owner, and his glorious wife Batsheva are coffee-angels. They know everything about coffee grounds, their respective flavor notes, and how to roast, brew, and deliver a magical cup of liquid crack. So much so that Aharon will easily have a 30-minute conversation about his newest Burundi bean, sourced from the family-owned Dukorere Ikawa farm. It’s insane, and inspiring.
  2. PRODUCT— Their cold brew is the best cold brew in town. It just is. Trust me. Half a cup of that sh*t will get you running a mile a minute. To the bathroom. Just kidding. Not really.
  3. PASSION — Coffee is as social a drink as a martini, yet way more appropriate for all day consumption. The vibe of Aharon Coffee, its employees, and the community that has embraced this Ima & Abba shop is unparalleled. I find myself seated at their high top counters, peering through the big windows at the coffee roaster in the backroom thinking “I should Instagram this.”


Which brings me to the contest:




RULES: Capture with your camera a picture that, to you (and hopefully to us, because we’re judging you) embodies the essence of “learning life lessons while sipping on a cup-o-joe.” You must include coffee (any kind), and an image that showcases a life-lesson learned. Get creative, express yourself, whatever blows your hair back.


Email your submissions to The winner will be announced in the following weeks and awarded their $20 gift card to Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co, aka Coffee Heaven.