How to make a meal out of the nothing in your cupboards

How is Stevia not a food group? Right?


As a 20-something young person, I’ve found it difficult to transition from penniless student to a real adult.


Adult (noun): one who does not steal food from the campus cafeteria, or live off canned tuna until his/her hair starts thinning.


With a meeger influx of money comes the obligation to attend lunches out with colleagues, coffee and drink dates with your besties, and an expectation to have real life groceries in your fridge at any given moment.




It was tough for me to suddenly justify spending more than $2 on food when for so long it was part of tuition.


So here’s a sneaky skill I learned and continue to apply in my beloved 20s…






First things first. Get over making something gorgeous. Pretty food has two purposes: to be instagrammed, or for glass display cases. A meal’s sole purpose is to keep you just barely satiated until a lunch or dinner date takes care of your hunger pains.


Now that we’re on the same page, here are the best ways to make a full meal from nothing.


Step 1: Be Resourceful


Everyone has a can of beans in the house. It’s weird, ‘cuz no one buys beans. They’re just there, in the cupboard. Open the can.


Step 2: Spice Things Up


Condiments are a food group, and free at most fast food joints. Ketchup, Sriracha, Duck Sauce, or all of the above. Take your pick, and mix into the base.


Also, don’t underestimate the power of spices. Gimme your salt, your pepper, your crushed red pepper, your herbes de provence. Whatever you got, a dash of each will do just fine to get your taste buds forgetting that what you’re making is pretty pathetic.


Step 3: Mix Together


For every good bean can, there’s its cousin — starch. And rice is always hanging around somewhere. It’s also an item that’s guilt-free to borrow from a neighbor. So if you don’t have a bag, knock on the nearest door and ask for one.


A $2 meal is possible:



MR ROGERS      +      RICE




+ $0.89






+ free 




And there you have a pretty good rendition of a stir-fry bowl.


This is the most depressing blog yet. Keep a look out for the upcoming blog, “How to get free therapy.”

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