How to Conquer your Flight-Mares



I can’t intellectualize turbulence. As much as I try to meditate on “let it go, you have no control, the pilot knows what he’s doing…unless he’s Denzel, but he’s not — you saw him walking in, he looks like a solid stand-up kinda guy. Look at your neighbors, they look calm (except for that dude rocking back and forth, oh man we’re going down). Breath, just…breath. We’re gonna make it. This is the safest form of travel. But what if THIS flight is the one that somehow disappears midair, or experiences a technical malfunction?”


Basically, I’m a wreck when it comes to flying.


And because my 20s have taken me on many cross-country journeys, I’ve experienced plenty of horrific situations up in the air.


They are best relayed visually…so enjoy these three sketches.


And comment below on any other nightmarish recountings you have!  Safe travels.