Making Resolutions is Cool



Without knowing what we want our lives to look like, we may never see our dreams come true, or our lives change in the ways we pine for. Scary!


So what now?


I’ll get to that. After I make it relevant to my journey through my painful 20s….


….see, for as long as I can remember, I had not received what I kept saying I so desperately wanted for myself and for my life. Why? Well, because I never actually set myself up to choose it, to manifest it. I didn’t commit to the oath, nor did I want the things I said I wanted so badly.


What was I getting instead? I was seeing the limitations I pretended to want unfold around me — expectations that grew from the fears I had adopted up until now.


The bright side? Thankfully, I became increasingly sick and tired of being sick and tired of the tiresome sickness of my subpar existence. I realized I was living in a self-fulfilling prophecy — fleeting successes, average relationships, and a measly savings account. It was my fault, no one else’s.




Seriously sucks not being able to blame someone else for my shortcomings.


Thankfully, it’s time to usher in a new year. And to keep this blog relevant and potential shareable, here are my tidbits to making a resolution that can put us in positions to see our dreams come true.


Steps to make a resolution, and being cool about it:


  • Be Real — the more awareness we have about our situation, the more realistic we can be about our needs and wants. And the only person that knows you, is you. Slow down, sit with yourself, and listen to that inner voice that knows all things. Also, make sure you’ve eaten, this is all very tiresome and unclear on an empty stomach.


  • Dream Big — just because I said “be real” doesn’t mean I’m giving your limitations steeped in “realism” a green light. Being realistic means having awareness, to check in and figure out what you actually want to dream about. Then….DREAM! Big! What you ask, you shall receive….so ask for many things. Might as well try!


  • Baby Steps — once you’ve envisioned the hugeness of your year, it’s time to take some achievable steps. You see the bank account skyrocketing into the six figures, you see your love growing in leaps and magical bounds, and you see yourself vacationing in Aruba with a sexy man who listens to your lofty theories about world peace. Cool, now it’s time to make a plan to get there. Don’t overwhelm yourself, Rome wasn’t build in a day. Let’s break down the bigger plan into digestible chunks. One month, 3 months, and 6 month chunks. What can you do TODAY, tomorrow, next week, and next month to keep getting you closer to your vision?


  • Visualize — there is a real power to visualization. I had never before saw myself with a powerful man. I had only ever dated struggling artists. So here I go, visualizing how amazing (and equally terrifying) it might be to be with someone powerful, someone strong and intelligent, someone who challenges me to grow. I visualize the pros and cons, I let myself use my dreams in a proactive way, towards the manifestation of my ultimate desires. It’s also a nice way to survive family road trips.


  • Excitement — passion and enthusiasm is contagious. I don’t believe great strides were made sans excitement. So get excited about your life. If it helps to imagine that you are your own boss, and Boss You demands excitement to keep your job. Whatever it takes man, do it! No one else will. So get stoked about your path. It sounds cheesy, because it is. So just do it!


  • Don’t give up — I can feed you with memes for days about never giving up. And if Will Smith also agrees, then just make an attempt to push past your comfort zone and get on board the perseverance bandwagon. Push past your threshold for pain, laziness, and faith, like all those jacked body builders. We aren’t getting any younger, it’s already 2016. And look, don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to have it ALL right away —  get excited about the moment you’re in, because it is the most important building block. And just keep your head down, excited about each new block. In no time, you’ll look up and find that you’ve arrived. And I’ll tell you, from limited experience, it’s positively overwhelming when your dreams come true in front of your eyes because you kept pushing forward.


Take the above steps or not, I know you are in the exact place you are supposed to be. Don’t wish to be elsewhere, take your current state as a beautiful jump-off point from which endless opportunities are available.


And if you still don’t buy into a single word I’ve said, then at least borrow my belief in you. I believe in you. #2016 #ImDrunk #WineTalking #OneLove