ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY [How To Keep The Fire Burning]



Guys! Today is the official ONE YEAR anniversary of SILIMT! Here are some of our most memorable reviews:


  • “Funny & Witty….A must-read for all ages!” – The Beverlywood Exponent


  • “A poignant exposé about the struggles of the hands-down worst decade of human existence. I hate my life right now.” – Anonymous reader in her 20s


  • “A comical lense through which one can learn many introspective nuggets about life, not just your 20s!” – The Bluffington Post


  • “Nice job buba, you are talented and beautiful and wise beyond your ears.” – My Mom.


Praise aside, experts have been known to say:


…the first year of marriage determines how the rest of the relationship will go. The first year of business is the toughest, most don’t survive, but go for it. The first 12 months of a baby’s life are hell, because they teethe, and poop everywhere, and cry all night long, and have colic. Timmy totally looks like you!


And to celebrate SILIMT’s survival, I thought I’d share THREE TIPS to keeping the fire alive when it comes to any undertaking, because I’m officially qualified to give such advice after one single self-proclaimed successful year at blog-writing…



1. PASSION — OK, life is hard, and so is pretty much anything apart from staying in bed and watching Netflix all day. So if you want your project(s) to last longer than the initial flash of “oh that’s such a cool idea,” you better be passionate about it. Sounds like a no-brainer, but so many people undertake goals without infusing passion into them, and wonder why they refuse to push hard when hurdles inevitably arise.


Why are hurdles inevitable, you ask?   “My project has been completely perfect so far, I’m perfect,” you think to yourself?   There will be obstacles, because any good journey has them — they’re the opportunities to earn more coins in the proverbial bucket of Super Mario Bros. And if you haven’t faced them yet, you will, so don’t freak out. The key to passing the hurdle test is reconnecting to that inner passion — this will act as an anchor, stabilizing you in the seemingly turbulent waters. But you have to have passion to connect to in the first place.


Also, no need to beat yourself up when you get a little complacent, lazy, or unsure of your passion altogether. These three phases are hurdles, too! Don’t deny them, acknowledge them. And then eat some fatty food, neurotically clean the living room, and call your best friend to bitch about the lunar eclipse and mercury’s retrograde. By that point you’ll have revved up enough to get back to work. (REMINDER: The longer you wait to pick back up, though, the longer you’ll forget about your “passion.” Never forget.)


2. BALANCE- Don’t take #1 as a green light to overdo passion with nonstop workaholism, because then you’ll get super burnt out and hate everything. On the flip side, this doesn’t mean that you can dilly dally with an every-hour on-the-hour Facebook/Instagram/Food break.


THE MAGIC FORMULA: 50% focus 50% perspective. (i.e. 50% workaholism, 50% Netflix).


Balance is something to strive for, and as soon as you achieve it you need to find it all over again. Someone smart at a seminar once said it’s like flying a plane, you’re constantly re-aligning. And this doesn’t end. But in the seeking is the achieving.


If that didn’t make any sense to you, just remember that life IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE. And sometimes when your blog doesn’t skyrocket you to wealth and fame within the first month, the only thing to do is focus on YOUR PERSONAL PATH without jealousy and comparison, laugh a little, and have some patience, crazy!


Also, have a life! Hang out with friends, take a cooking class, travel to visit your half brother in Pennsylvania, read a book about metaphysics. Sometimes relinquishing control and focusing less on the project (from time to time) will infuse it with the universal juices of luck & “what’s meant to be” that it really needs to succeed.


3. SUPPORT — A support system is the lifeline to sustaining your vision. After you’ve jumped the hurdles, and fought for balance, it’s your support system that receives your finished product and validates that your existence means anything.


Like, in relationships — it’s important to have a support system outside of your significant other to emotionally vomit all over.  In business— it’s important to have support from loved ones, as well as mentors, so that you constantly grow, challenge yourself, and avoid drinking alone.


Humans aren’t very good alone. Maybe if you’re a Monk, or Mother Theresa, or God. And even if you truly dislike humans, and prefer the solitude of your home, one brain is never as good as five. Especially when things get rough and you need to get other people to do the bitch-work.


Plus, eventually the aforementioned hurdles on the path towards success animorph into negative self-talk (“no one reads my blog,” “I have no idea what I’m writing about,” “I should eat the rest of the tub of Hummus before it goes bad.”) A good support system — friends or family who tell you how great you are —reignite your passion’s fire and simultaneously remind you of why you spam people every other week with your rants.



So. You thinking of trying out a new path of sorts?! I say go for it!  Get excited about your vision, create a balanced plan of attack that doesn’t suck up all your time but effectively uses your skills daily to make it happen, and tell your loved ones to support you… or else!

And happy anniversary to us! Thank you to all our supporters along the way. Anniversaries are markers, not destinations. There is still more to come, and I’m going to go back and read what I just wrote, and actually take my own advice this time!

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